A real nigga is a nigga that is bout what he is bout and isn't afraid to speak up for himself no matter what he faces. Real niggas don't need to call themselves real niggas if they know that they are truly real. real niggas are there for there niggas no matter the situation they wont bail out like a bitch or give a pussy ass excuses not to be there. Real niggas are about there business and rep what they rep. Real niggas are true and tell it how they see it and and don't sugar coat shit.
"Real Niggas are few and the ones that are actually real are extremely hard to find now a days "
by 4/20 God February 25, 2014
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A man who is not only true to their selves. But REAL and true to his surrounding loved ones.

Real niggas don't lie

Real niggas don't cheat
by ItsSoCold69 December 28, 2016
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A real nigga doesn't brag about being real as long as he knows it. His future doesn't seem hopeless. A real nigga stays out of jail, handles shit, and he keeps focused.
Real Nigga: Hopsin
by Radicarl July 25, 2012
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What is A REAL NiGGA? I Real Nigga is a person you can always depend and count on when you need him. A person who can always have your back even when the tough times settle in. . . A real nigga can be a husband, a baby daddy, or any type of guy that is paying his bills, taking care of his family, being a loyal friend, being a good person in general any type of thing that could give him the respect from other people to look up to him. A real nigga can mean anything!
For Example a Real nigga, Ken went to a Club and he is going to get jumped beat up by some other niggas and his friends jump in to HELP him. If his friends didn't jump in to help Ken then they would have been some fake niggas. for instance anyone taking a bullet for their loved one. The list can go ON!
by What you LOOKING AT April 16, 2013
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The friend that will bring you toilet paper when needed, weed when you want it, and girls/beer to a party
by Webster,Maxiamm December 09, 2015
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A Real Nigga is a black person who remains true to him/her self and loyal to those around them, and stand-up for what he/she believes in , and won't do anything to hurt or harm any of their friends/ family, but will put themselves in harms way for them if neccessary
if your friend is gets in a altercation , a real nigga must join in , because its all for one and one for all
by Yung hannah December 22, 2009
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Traits of a Real Nigga
1. Everybody Fears and Respects them when they walk in the room.
2. They back up thier threats
3. Dont piss them off or insult them cuz you dead
4. They in a set and put in work for the hood
5. They from the hood
6. They aint afraid to bang thier hood in a rivals territory disrespectin too
7. They stay loyal to they homies, hood, and women
8. If your getting jumped they step in and fuck all dem up
9.They fight you one on one instead of jumping you with thier buddies

10. They never snitch on thier homies or say anything to police
11. They walk da walk and talk da talk
12. They aint got no feelings
13. When they rap they have done what they rap about
A real nigga and his woman are walking the street when a fake nigga sees his fine women and catcalls her
Real Nigga " Yo you talk to my girl one mo time like dat im gonna fuck yo ass up"
Fake Nigga " what you gonna do"
Real Nigga " Punches him in the face and stomps his head til it splits.
by Loco Trip March 06, 2015
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