(Israeli Slang): 1. An adjective for a person, describing intimacy or closeness, or just affection.
2. A word used to refer to people from whom you have no distance. A person on the street, but not someone of authority.
I love you, my soul.

Soul, pass me the sugar!

Soul, please clean the mess you made in the toilet room.

Soul, go away from here, before I get on you!
by Yashi and Lilac May 21, 2005
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1. Devil money
2. That thing that makes you more than an animal. Presuamably.
1. Yeah! A supermodel for the low low price of my soul!
2. Serial killers don't have souls.
by Remmy July 31, 2003
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A contience that everybody has, the spirit of everybodys life, when somebody dies somebodys soul leaves the body and goes into one of millions of heavenly dimensions
She lost her soul
by White Wicca March 13, 2004
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a rollerblading grind in which (for a right handed person) the right foot is locked on to the edge of a curb, rail, etc. and the left has the arch perpendicular to the right foot. the h-block (center grind block) of the left is on the curb, rail, etc.
that was a TYT soul grind.
by nichole December 29, 2003
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People are so afraid of death that they have to think that they are immortal. They call this immortality a soul. You don't have a soul. Get real!
by GodlessAnarchist December 08, 2009
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The most cliched word in trying to sound "deep"...if you are going to use it, use it well.
"My soul is a terrible deep black abyss that lives somewhere below my blackhole of a heart.."

"I knew from then deep down in my soul that I was a man."
by beastmeisterman October 10, 2005
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Soul; a name for one who is strong, smart, caring and amazing at everything.
I wish i knew someone named Soul but no ones named their son that yet.
by MajesticMady October 08, 2016
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