If you could love a single human being on this planet, this person would be first in line, waving their
arms frantically with a grin on their face. No matter where you go or what you do, they will always love
you, and every moment of pain you two share will turn into something amazing inside of your souls.
It is called the 'Perfect Match' because, no matter what terrible things befall you both, you will always
become stronger, and nothing, not even death, can stop it. They're the kind of person who, just by
existing, makes you want to run a little faster during exercise, drive a little safer on your way to work,
eat a little healthier every morning so that you can grow old and help raise your grandkids together, and
each little thing eventually becomes worked together so that you yourself can love them more and become
that same amazing person in their life as well. If there were any way to repay them for all they did and do
for you, it would be to live with them for the rest of your life and give back to them every second your aging
body possibly can. And maybe, maybe just a little bit more.
-"They're way too cute. Do they ever let go of eachother?"
"Do they have to?"
"What do you mean?"
"I've known them since we were all kids. They're soul mates."

-"Why are Mom and Dad so happy all the time?"
"You're still a little kid. You wouldn't get it."
"They're soul mates. Wouldn't you be happy all the time if the awesomest person in the world ever was always with you?"

-"I'm going to stab you."
"Don't care. Stop looking at him like that and I'll put down the fork."
"I'd listen to her. They're soul mates.....Don't look at me like that. She also has a fillet knife under the table, by the way."
by NinjahLink July 27, 2013
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When someone knows just exactly where you are within seconds, just by the tone of your voice.
Adam knew I was at Dolores' house in seconds, just by hearing the tone of my voice, he must be my soul mate.
by Laurriana August 12, 2018
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un explainable love.

if you have a friend who you love more then a friend but not quite sure how to explain it.. everyday without them feels just wrong, you would give the world to them if you could, wipe their tears and settle their fears.
its a forever thing !

TWO bodies One soul

you are amazing to me <3
he completes me

looking at you makes me smile

its because we are soul mates
by kebelll June 05, 2011
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Someone who knows you very well, and it scares the crap out of you. however, you love them, you are there for 'em, they can cry on your shoulder, you can laugh so hard you're rolling on the floor with them, you can't be mad at them even if they really mess things up for you or for themselves. they know your secrets, they understand the way your weird brain works (and who knows why, they LOVE it. creepy, i know), they surprise you and at the same time its just so easy to be yourself with them, no shame, no awkwardness, no waiting, worries, just total understanding.
if your boyfriend is your soul mate, your a damn lucky girl.

some believe it, some say its shit.

beware. when your in, no way out.
by Heppie July 03, 2011
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Noun: A soulmate is that person who makes you feel complete. A person who has been brought to you by queer coincidences. He/she understands you in a moment's glance. It feels like you have known them since before even starting this life. Talking to your soulmate awes you from how easy it is... even if he/she is super duper hott:). Meeting "the one" leaves an everlasting impression on your soul. You feel your life changing just with the thought of the one. Lovers may come and go, but the one, your soulmate, will always be in the back of your mind.... molding the way you live from the inside out.

Sometimes soulmates meet in a chance moment, when they are on similar paths. But then they separate because the time is not officially right. Serendipity plays a role in bringing them together again, if it's meant for this life.
I was on a train when I met him. We almost didn't start talking, but then a fight broke out and we immediately looked at each other. We shared a beautiful few hours talking, and understanding each other. We both were in similar situations and it's almost as if we were each other's guides. The moment came when we had to go our separate ways... and I went from feeling a calmness like never before to a feeling of utter despair. I knew right then he was my soulmate. Everything has been surreal since then.... he saved me from living life as someone other than me. Hopefully, I've inspired him to live life as beautifully as possible too.
by dreamcatcher girl December 11, 2011
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Our soulmate is the confidence to challenge our insecurity, the solution to our problems, the bravery to match our fear & the offering of love to sooth our hate. We all have an empty place in our hearts, one thats reserved for your other half, the one who knows you inside out, who understands you by just glancing into your eyes. Like all great, wonderful, truely amazing things, your soulmate isn't easy to find, but we all have one. When people hear "soulmate", they usually think of "lover", but thats not nessicarily true. Your soulmate doesnt have to be of the opposite sex, & there doesnt have to be any sexual attraction between you, but more often than not there is. When you find your soulmate, there's no question if its them or not, you'll just know, because you'll recognize them as they'll recognize you. After all, how can you not know your other half when you see them? Many soulmates take eons, lifetimes to find, but one day you will find them. So, good luck & may the odds be ever in your favour. <3
Person 1: it feels like there's something missing inside me!
Person 2: don't worry, once you find your soulmate, you'll feel better (y)
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The person that you can't life without. The one who makes you complete. The one who owns your heart, forever even if you aren't together. The one who you can't let go of. Years may pass, you will always crawl back, time and time again. The one who you will always need and love, beyond reason. The one you were meant to be with. unshakeable true love. Perfect match. Perfect fit. The love of your life.
My need for you, will never stop. My love for you, will never end. You complete me. My soulmate, lover, and best friend.
by Nikki88 April 10, 2015
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