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Two people that are supposedly perfect for each other and meant to be together forever.

But for people who actually have a brain, the idea of "soul mates" is ridiculous. There are certain people who are right for you at certain times in your life. There isn't ONE person who you are always supposed to be with forever.
I thought my now ex boyfriend and I were soul mates. Then I grew a brain and realized that maybe we were meant to be with each other at that time in our lives, but as time changes so do peoples feelings. And neither of us feel the same way about each other anymore.
by katie was here November 7, 2007
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-"Actress" of average skill and average looks.
-Tries too hard to look like Angelina Jolie even though she'll never admit it.
-Has the same vapid, open mouth look on her face
-Has an inflated ego and says stupid shit that fanboys think are "cool" and "funny" but those of us with a brain recognize that they make her sound stupid
-Thinks she's the "rebel" of Hollywood, but really she's exactly like every other Hollywood whore
-Quoted as saying she doesn't want to be famous because of her looks but continues to pose naked for various magazines
-Basically only 15 year old fan boys think she's hot but don't try to disagree with them, they'll just tell you that you're either a gay guy or a jealous female.
"Does your mom know you're gay?"
^^^Typical response from a Megan Fox fanboy.
by katie was here July 5, 2009
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An MP3 player made by Sandisk that does all of the same things an iPod does, but costs much less.
Stop wasting your money on a confusing piece of shit iPod and invest in a sansa or a zune.
by katie was here August 10, 2008
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Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party. Charges rape victims for their exams, wants to teach creationism in schools despite the constitution's separation of church and state, supported the bridge to no where before she opposed it, fires people who disagree with her, will kill all our moose's.
Sarah Palin sucks.
by katie was here October 26, 2008
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Professional football team based in Oakland, CA
Their fanbase mostly consists of Hispanics. Most of the minorities where I'm from (Denver) are fans of the Raiders even if they aren't from Oakland because they are seen as the "bad boys" of the NFL and they think they have cool team colors.

A team that does not care about character or class.

A team with annoying, bandwagon fans. They don't give a damn about them when they're losing and will make excuses for them but on the rare occasion they win they'll shove it in your face. Even though they'll get their asses handed to them the next game they play

Raiders suck. End of story. Stop acting like they're sooo good.
Even players on that team hate themselves because no other team will touch them with a 10 foot pole
No words can describe how shitty the Raiders are.
by katie was here July 16, 2009
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See crybaby

Former Denver Broncos quarterback, he threw a big fit and demanded a trade when he found out new head coach Josh McDaniels was planning on replacing him with Matt Cassel.
Jay Cutler is extremely athletic but him and Kyle Orton are statistically the same. I don't know why Bears fans think he's the second coming or whatever.
by katie was here July 18, 2009
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