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Sort of like University of Maryland without all the sports and riots.
"Where do you go to school?"


"What's that?"
by Zeei April 16, 2006
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Physical flirting.

When you're hanging out with a friend that you want to become more than a friend, and you employ various maneuvers to draw them into actual physical contact that can be construed as just "overly-friendly" or playful.

Examples include: laying your head on someone's shoulder when pretending tiredness; when there is limited seating, sitting on the floor in front of someone sitting on a couch and leaning back on their legs; back massages--a friendly gesture in any case, but with the intent being to get closer to the person.

Usually only used by kids
He got all of his girlfriends in high school using the old subtle cuddle.

by Zeei November 19, 2006
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A way to trick people into thinking there's some order and reason to creative thought. Music and literature aren't a science.

When someone starts talking about which genres they like, be it of music or literature, they probably don't know what they're talking about. The same type of person will ask "What type of music/books do you like?"

The best answer to a question like that is to name the specific things that you like, and let them come up with a label for them.
Examples of "genres" include:

Literature: Fantasy, Romance

Music: Death metal, Country
by Zeei March 30, 2006
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Spellcaster who doesn't read a spellbook. Utilizes Charisma instead of intelligence to determine strength/number of spells casted. This high charisma often makes the sorcerer think that she is superior in looks to the other PCs.
I'm a sorcerer!
That doesn't make you any less of a mage.
by Zeei November 19, 2006
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Signs at the UMBC dining hall on the tables. Shows a man holding up two cans (potentially with food in them, but one can't see the labels) staring directly at the camera/the viewer.

It supposedly means to buy things with less packaging. However, someone already invented a word for that "reduce", one of the 3 R's (the other two being reuse and recycle.)
Damn, that precycling dude freaks me out.

I'll precycle you!
by Zeei November 19, 2006
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