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Sophisto is a concept that transcends mere coolness. Sophisto could be likened to an aura that embraces the universe and on occasion subjectively targets worthy individuals, imbibing them with a unique chic effervescent quality only to be rivaled by a cocktail of champagne and diamonds. Furthermore Sophisto is not limited to people, it transcends its anthropomorphic form to honor select events of 'excellence and vision'. Most of all Sophisto is Rasha.
Sushi with Sheesha (nargile, hubbly bubbly, hookah) how Sophisto!
Being friends with Rasha tres Sophsito!
Having a tea boy named Smalloufa
by hippocrates January 09, 2008
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A recent rising subculture, characterized by shunning the typical routes of deviation by attempting to rise above and beyond. Generally suits, and dress attire is worn. Pretentiousness does seem to rise amongst them, but this is not welcome. The recent rise in "sophisto" brims from the term used in "A Clockwork Orange" to define some of the upper class. However mostly all that is required is well groomed attire and look, and an appreciation for things associated with such. Martinis and classical music are respected, as well as opera, however modern venues are also welcome.
I'm pondering holding a dinner party after classes for myself and my fellow sophistos, if you know anyone who might be interested, please gring them along.
by Pheonix McGee January 11, 2005
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Used as a generic term to describe any dickhead belonging to the middle class, often used as an insult. Includes rich, over the top chav types who act ghetto, to gay, skinny jeans wearing smug types.
Baron: Fuck those rich Sophistos acting like they're bad.

Brix: Let's see if those sophistos have any money.
by Baron.S January 24, 2010
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Derogatory term for an individual who acquires knowledge for the purpose of impressing others rather than informing him/herself. Prides him/herself on his/her expanding repretoire of cumbersome words and pop culture references. Started drinking coffee for the atmosphere of coffee shops. Real pretentious.
"Do you hear what these sophistos are talking about at the next table? How religion is the opiate of the masses or some shit."

"...Are you serious?! I love this town."
by A dodus. October 26, 2004
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Oh man, let's go to the Inwood Theatre and be sophistos. Afterward, we can fetch ourselves a latte and discuss Vonnegut's weakest effort, Gallapagos.
by Fanciefish September 20, 2003
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An elitist, or in most cases, a wannabe-elitist.
Maddox is such a sophisto jackass... he bitches about grammar and he thinks he's better than everyone else, while conveniently disguising it all as a "joke".
by NostalgiaDrag March 17, 2006
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one who is skilled in the intricacies of deceptive word play, often causing others to be envious making them post spiteful definitions to help deal with there feelings of literary inadequacy..
John left Mary and Harold utterly discombobulated with a quite ostentatious display of his extensive vernacular and his expeditiously witty responses, leaving them oblivious to anything he had meant to convey, he's such a sophisto..
by deaner January 27, 2004
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