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An amazing girl which has big eyes. She's funny , crazy and sings all the time. She usually sings Beyonce and would like to be fat because she is skinny. You should trust Rasha because she is very trustworthy and isnt afraid to give her opinion about anything, She's a Straight talker and doesn't like bitching about others unless she REALLY hates them. Be careful with her, if you get on the wrong side of her.. you WILL get hurt.
1: Omg, i LOVE Rasha she's sooo funny!
2: I love her too, i wish she was my best friend!!
3: she cant be your best friend because she already has one.
3: I Know, but her best friend is gone to dubai now Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!
by CrayzayChick August 08, 2012
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An amazing girl with big eyes. Rasha is known to have an amazing body even though she eats a lot. She's the most trustworthy person you will ever meet. She's beautiful, straight forward and will never talk behind your back. She's loved by everyone, especially for her personality. I bet she even has someone who has fallen for her charm.
Person1: do you like her?
Person2: of course it's Rasha!
by Ewslay June 16, 2017
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1. Rasha mean Gazelle in Arabic.
2. A very hot Lebanese girl that you initially believed was Christian but turned out was a Muslim and broke your heart. It's not going to be easy to convert Rasha to Christianity. I'll still bang her though.
Person 1. Damn Rasha looks good.
Person 2. I know she is a Muslim too and I never saw her with a Hijab.
Person 1. Damnit I really wanted her to be my wife.
Person 2. Hahaha you are a loser!
by Sahara Desert December 23, 2008
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n. Another word for blowjob (read the first entry under blowjob for some very good tips for a proper bj)
Dude, I got the best rasha last night from that master of blowjobbery down the street!
by rasha!!! August 31, 2007
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adjective to describe something that's both nice and trashy.
"Look at those cha cha heels...they are too ra sha for words!"
by Lesliegirl June 23, 2007
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To Stub ones toe and scream many a colorful words.
Did you see matt Rasha when he kicked his computer?
by Mr Perea March 25, 2005
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