To be great or extreme.
Man, that show was sooper.

That kid looks sooper drunk.
by ploxzorlolz October 13, 2008
Another way to spell "super"
man that party was sooper awesome
by sooperdoode March 16, 2008
sooper sean is so coolo
by Dawn McKinnon September 4, 2003
A division of Kroger that thoroughly enjoys overworking their employees. They also are known to disregard statements such as "I can't work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I have classes (classes can be replaced with "Practice", "Homework", or "An event to go to I told you about 2 months in advance")."

Also known to let the upper management walk around and talk on cell phones, stand around, and take hour long smoke breaks...8 times a day.
Me: I used to work for King Soopers.
Person: They sure do love anal shafting huh?
Me: Yes.
by Teabaggist January 25, 2007
Fortnite kid's once they need to take a massive doo doo diarrhea shit, Once they take their shit they need a lot of toilet paper to wipe their stinky sweaty booty ass
yo that kid is a sooper pooper.
by connor mcbundle July 7, 2021
Another word for a couple that is either gay or lesbian
I saw a sooper today
by minimessi1010 November 1, 2018