Bro did you see Eli?
Yeah he was sool af.
by hungcamper January 17, 2022
A word combination of the terms "So" and "Cool" used for complimentary purposes. Used by those that are either 1) unable to properly speak, due to the consumption of alcohol 2) too lazy to use more than one word to describe something or 3)a combination of both.
"Dude, that new Ferrari is SOOL.!"
by antman22 October 25, 2005
In Korean, the word Sool refers to all types of alcohol. However, it is more commonly connected to Korea’s traditional alcohol products with a unique fermentation such as full-bodied, roughly filtered Makgeolli & Takju, as well as distilled alcohols such as exquisite, crystal clear Cheongju & Soju.
I want to buy to some sool to bring back home but not sure which one is the best.
by aurelien81 December 12, 2017
When you slide your penis into someone's mouth while they are sleeping.
Bro, I totally sooled Rebecca last night.
by leahcim69 September 27, 2015
var; of cool, sweet, awesome. Used usually when typing too fast and one manages to replace the "C" with and "S"
Wow, that apple pie you made is so damn sool..

Have you seen how sool they think they are

sool, see you later then

thats sool
by Angelina_Lip August 17, 2011
a word used when you know you are correct in an argument, however your opponent is too stupid to understand your points, and therefore you cannot be bothered to argue anymore.

It allows an immediate win, however this word cannot be used lightly.
Lucas: Global warming isn't real
Adi: It is, there have literally been forest fires in Australia because of it.
Lucas: What's Australia?
Adi: Sool

Winner of Argument: Adi
by adiadiadiadiadiadiadiadiadiadi November 13, 2020
Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and your cell phone has no signal.........You are SOOL.
by desantism July 25, 2004