(adjective): Used to describe a situation where something has become too predictable, unchallenging, or uninteresting due to the discovery of a dominant strategy, a lack of variety or surprise, or other factors. Can apply to video games, TV shows, movies, puzzles, or any other activity that requires problem-solving or engagement. Often used sarcastically to indicate that the experience is no longer enjoyable or engaging.
Example 1: "Oh yeah, I used to love playing that game, but now it's been totally solved. Thanks to the army of hackers and cheaters, every match is as fair as a boxing match between a heavyweight and a toddler."

Example 2: "I solved One Piece yesterday. The next episode doesn't come out for another week, so I guess I need to find something else to binge watch."
by Terminus1230 May 13, 2023
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I made this so it doesn't say sølve
Solve the puzzle
by Orrinpants March 14, 2022
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A bitch ass nigga that sucks lots of cock and he is gay as fuck
That guy is such a solve!
by Bigbadbitch March 21, 2018
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The illumination of a conundrum - an answer is given/deduced/made available to something that was previously puzzling.
Guy 1: Damn, I've been searching everywhere for my phone for the last hour!

Guy 2: Did you check your pockets?

Guy 1: Ah! Mystery solved.
by UrbanFanBoy January 9, 2011
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"the murderer can't kill you if you are the murderer"
"problem solved"
by Kreous March 22, 2018
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the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
im problem solving, leave me alone
by princessblingbling March 23, 2015
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Alright then just solve math when you wanna kick it.


So I can solve math sometime breezy?
by Jaz W. June 8, 2006
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