a person who is lacklustre in responding to emails, text messages, or basic conversation
Shannon, why did you respond to my paragraph-long email with an "lol". You're such a soggy potato!
by GrammarNazi2013 February 19, 2013
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Where you fill a hollowed out potato with semen, and use your ladies impregnator.
"Hey babe, you know we want children but I want to try something different." "Let's try this Soggy potato thing I found of the internet, I heard its a very special way to true love as well."
by GingerBigotry July 25, 2018
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When someone isn't good at having sex. Aka, they orgasm way too early.
Sam: "how was Freddy last night?"
Cole: "Ugh freddy is such a soggy potato."
by fishticks August 8, 2017
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An old mans' saggy ballsack after he accidentally pisses on himself, because he has parkinsons disease and cant hold his penis steady.
soggy potatoes are a really good thing to help that old guy with
by gayniggapoop March 12, 2020
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When a man with a limp dick tries to give anal to a woman or another man,trying to stuff his flaccid penis into the asshole.
Dude I totally wasn't getting hard for this fat bitch last night,so I just gave her a soggy potato.
by DocChase June 22, 2010
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