A word used by smaller meme accounts to replace the word meme because normies ruined memes.
by softdrinkmemergirl72 November 28, 2016
The general word (used a lot in Australia, but most people just say coke to describe a soft drink) for what is better known as soda or fizzy drink. A 'soft drink' can be seen juxtaposed to a hard drink such as alcohol.
"Oh man i could really use a soft drink right about now"
by Jonathan.M October 23, 2007
The politically correct term for water that hasn't solidified.

Just kidding.

Soda, pop, coke, cola, carbonated beverage, sugar filled yummy goodness, etc...
... And I think there's some other types of soft-drinks, but they fight for media attention too much so that's all my brainwashed mind knows.
by ~The Nameless One~ September 17, 2005
A phrase used mostly in the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area of Scotland meaning weed.
*in public space with snitches*
-“pal have you got the soft drinks
-“aye mate we’re getting on it tonight”
by JKBRSN July 11, 2018
12 year old edge lords tried to start something by calling memes soft drinks. It failed horribly and the only people that call memes soft drinks are either dumb, stupid, or lonely.
12 year old: Man check out this soft drink
Normal person: Thats called a meme you faggot
by Jeremy Brunelle December 7, 2016
The holy grail of drinks, it is by far the best drink ever made beating out Dr Pepper by very little, every sip you take you will love also only 75 cents.
Milo: I think we should get some cola it is so good

Leslie: you are wrong there Black & Gold Lemon Flavoured Soft Drink is the best

Milo: you are so right how can I be so dumb
by Sandy Allen March 8, 2020
The disgusting "mellow/yellow" procedure practiced during water-shortages, or implemented to lower your consumption of pay-per-gallon city-water.
Rather than practicing the "soft drink" water-saver rule to save on my utility-bills, I collect rainwater in buckets outside, and then use that some of the time to flush my toilet.
by QuacksO October 15, 2018