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Soft Top - A mentally or intellectually delayed individual.

Do not confuse a "soft top" with a "full retard". A soft top is an individual who primarily has difficulty with complex tasks or thoughts. Soft tops are those among us who are just a little slow. Soft tops are commonly located at buffets, public bus stops, fast food restaurants, bowling alleys, recycling centers and other such places.

The word originates from the belief that the skull of a mentally or intellectually delayed person remained "soft" for a little too long during infancy.
"Public buses are generally full of soft tops."

"Did you see that soft top using his hands at the salad bar?"

Velcro shoes, fanny packs, tie dye, socks with sandals and airbrushed animal t-shirts are a dead giveaway that you are dealing with a soft top.
by Mope1234 June 16, 2013
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To Go Soft top: take your shirt off

taken from soft top convertables who are able to function both with and without their "tops".

usually done in the summer on a hot day either to impress spectating ladies or to cool off.

Guy 1: man im boiling

Guy 2: yee me to, i might have to go soft top.

Guy 1: you know it.
by Elliot C-C May 17, 2007
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