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Going socrates is when somebody youre talking to starts to question things that are obvious to shift blame away from themselves when they are guilty. They take on the veneer of a philosopher to confuse the matter instead of owning up to the truth.

And some of you need to remember, this is not an encyclopedia. These other definitions have no place here. We have the rest of the internet to learn about socrates.
Derek: "Hey, remember that time when you were totally fucking drunk and almost wrecked when you drove home?"

Saul: "I wasnt that drunk, I mean what is drunk anyways? Is it five beers, or fifteen? Is it being loud and having fun, or passed out pissing yourself?"

Derek: "Oh god, its socrates again..."
by dauman January 07, 2010
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When you have a very strong hand in poker, but play passively in the hopes of getting others to bluff or catch a card that will make a good second best hand. The ultimate objective is to get more money out of your opponents.
Bob: When the flop came down 88J and I had 8J, I checked it in the hopes that someone would catch something and I could get paid off.

Saul: Nice slow play.
by dauman February 19, 2010
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