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A derogatory term for people who can only function in their daily lives through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site.
Socialtards are ruining the intellectual gene pool of America by hooking up on Twitter and mating.
by Jason Seraphi May 30, 2013
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Someone who is socially retarded. They may act odd, annoying, believe everyone loves them when infact nobody can stand them, taddle on people cheating on a test, go after people out of their league, don't pluck their eyebrows, dress like they knew what they were doing in the morning, don't do anything with their hair, wear any make-up, and worst of all wear tennis shoes with straight leg jeans.
1. That Social 'Tard is going after MY man. Appearantly she doesn't notice that everyone loves me, not her.

2. McKenna in my Theatre class.

3. Hahahaha, I can tell she's a Social 'Tard just by looking at her.
by Kaylizzle September 30, 2006
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Focusing on or assuming the worst in people; defaulting to emotionally manipulative and controlling behavior (rather than being relaxed and vulnerable toward others that should be presumed an ally); unintentionally creating rifts where they just want people to come together, but under their leadership and terms.

Socialtard control tactics:
selective inattention, silent treatment, acting helpless, nagging, over-rationalization, minimization, diversion, distancing, seduction, complaining, playing victim, covert intimidation, overt intimidation, guilt-tripping, lying, verbal abuse, stalking and physical abuse, criticizing, vilifying, projecting blame, denial, pretending to do noble acts for everyone (but their victim), withdrawing attention, which goes hand in hand with the tactic of giving good feelings and taking them away.
"My socialtard friends don't have to agree with my feelings and they don't have to feel my feelings. They just need to acknowledge that they are my feelings, and that they matter, as do theirs. We're allies with similar social fears."
by former socialtard May 30, 2013
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