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The combination of the word Snail and the word Church. A Snurch contains 6 guardians also known as the rainbow six guardians containing; pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. There is only one Snurch and there will always be one Snurch. It is ran by instagrammer @snailpuppet it is rare to be accepted into the Snurch.
“Join My Snurch And You’ll Be Saved” -SnailPuppet 2018
by Snail Puppet October 13, 2018
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A snurch is a noun. A snurch is a combination of two words, snail (an animal), and church (a place of worship). Snurch stands for ‘snail church’ and it’s a congregation of snails worshipping in a certain place.
That snail made a leaf boat to get to snurch. Im proud of him.
by Rachel_G July 02, 2018
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Snail church, where the lads also go on sundays, not for the prayer... but for the cheeky nandos.
"Take me to snurch"

Juliet 2K15
by Snurch May 25, 2015
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To steal or swipe an available item. Usually used in a joking manner.
That is so cool! I'm snurching it, if you don't mind.
by Snerkist February 22, 2005
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To sniff back a noseful of snot because either you haven't got a handkerchief or you're just too lazy to blow your nose.

This is the opposite of a "Pitmon's Hankie", whereby you press a thumb or finger against a nostril and blow forth snot through the other one onto the pavement.
"Stop snurching and blow your nose you derty get... I'm trying to eat me dinner here!"

From "Biggles Grebs Aloft" by Monty W. Bungingham
by Neil Baxter November 01, 2005
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When you're eating or drinking and you laugh and the food gets stuck at the back of your throat and you snort.
"woah dude you okay?"
"yeah I just snurched."
by WalrusTheSquirrel February 17, 2015
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