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A revolver, usually a .38, with a two inch or shorter barrel. The best example is the Colt Detective Special.
A snub nose in a shoulder holster has comforted many a plainclothes cop.
by screw pseudonyms September 05, 2009
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A compact revolver with a typical barrel length of approximately 2 inches (though 3 inch barrels are not uncommon).
Those jive turkeys demanded I give them my wallet. So I pulled out my snubnose and watched them run away like Pat Robertson running away from a Gay Pride march.
by Dirty Spook July 24, 2008
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1. snub nose shotgun, sawed off shotgun
2. snub nose bitch, stuck up whore, a bitch who is to good for her own self
We're gonna go shoot the snub nose.

Look at that snub nose bitch.
by the_infinitesimal October 15, 2004
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