A faithful friend who is always there if you need a shoulder to cry on. Snowy's are fun to be around and although they seen insensitive, they have a heart of gold. They have a knack for catching onto innuendos and can make friends by just clicking their fingers.
Person 1: Oh my god, Snowy is awesome, she bought me tickets to the latest Little Mix concert!

Person 2: I KNOW RIGHT?! She got me an iced tea yesterday.
Person 3: Wat's iced tea?
by ShadowyLondoner May 16, 2016
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A psychopat pyro
Rainy: "who dat?"
Kesken: "Snowy"
Rainy: "Well we are all gonna die in friendly-fire..."
by Rainy5845 February 8, 2020
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A nickname given to a girl who has a great sense or humor, and is compared to a queen. She's often thicc-shamed, but in a good way. Her humor is practically random, but meh, everyone likes her.
"Snowy is a thicc legend."
by 🅱️🏳️‍🌈😩 November 4, 2019
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A bisexual, bitter Fijian who has decided that being a furry would be a decent fandom to follow, as a failed attempt at creating her own fandom had failed. She spends alot of time within Yiffchat and has dubbed herself the 'resident bitch', recieving several alerts and warnings from different moderators on duty, resulting in smiles and cheers from everyone else.
I mentioned that my new baby kitten had been injured when it fell from a tree - Snowy told me to snap it's neck.
by Slevin October 22, 2006
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When a female (or male) strokes her/his partner's penis so slowly and firmly, the resulting orgasm is so strong that the male's cum is sprayed in more than one direction, thus resulting in a 'snowy' effect.
Sarah looked up from where she knelt infront of Jack and whispered, 'God I loved that snowy...'
by Slevin October 23, 2006
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Snowy is an incredibly cute and hot person who is absolutely adorable and the best friend in existence.
They are also very very very cute and deserve all the love and wuv in the world.
Lucy: Have you seen that guy?
Lily: Yea he's adorable, an absolute Snowy, and he's mine.
by Grand0Xyla April 15, 2022
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A weeaboo, middle eastern that tends to enjoy the company of men over women.
Hey don't go to that guy's house, he might make you watch yaoi with him, he's a huuuge snowy.
by RyuGigas November 18, 2007
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