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A faithful friend who is always there if you need a shoulder to cry on. Snowy's are fun to be around and although they seen insensitive, they have a heart of gold. They have a knack for catching onto innuendos and can make friends by just clicking their fingers.
Person 1: Oh my god, Snowy is awesome, she bought me tickets to the latest Little Mix concert!

Person 2: I KNOW RIGHT?! She got me an iced tea yesterday.
Person 3: Wat's iced tea?
by ShadowyLondoner May 16, 2016
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Tintin's small white dog which he loves dearly, his enemys threaten it as it is tintin's only weakness
Bad guy: 'How would u like it if me and my mate spit-roasted snowy?'

Tintin: 'Do ya wanna go you?'
Bad Guy : 'ye do ya want ya dogs skull fuckin?'

Bad guy : 'Tell tintin i've just fucked his dog'
by PikeymaN January 07, 2007
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adj., one who does coke.
that girl is messing up her life. she's still snowy.
by al November 12, 2004
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Egotistical megalomaniac pyschotic manipulative and evil.
Quite possibly the spawn of Satan, or even the dark one him/herself.
May be related to the Bush family.
Has the appearance of a genetically flawed lumpfish.
Has serious mental and weight gain issues.
Possibly suffers from CJD.
Eats grass.
Christ, that snowy is a asshole.
Yeah, we know.
Can we kill her?
Nah - no bullets big enough for that tub o' lard.
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An emotion of feeling meaning 'indifferent' or 'uncaring'.
Even though they made fun of me, I felt snowy about the whole matter.
by Ikari.Yume February 18, 2007
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