The act of using a beer bottle to masturbate a woman while she has a yeast infection.
Tom couldn't return the bottle he used to give Heather a snowy molson because you can't recycle yeast infection.
by Tom, Neil, Bill, Jon May 4, 2007
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when you ejaculate on a girl's shiny braces on her teeth
I'm sorry, officer i didn't realize she was underage. I only went out with her because I wanted to give her snowy tracks.
by Lukeabf September 11, 2009
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While having a plop start to have a wank, (because a mans g-spot is in his arse). After having a plop, stand and face your choccy mountain and then proceed to blow your snowy load all over the peak of your plop. look closely, it resembles the snowy peaks of a mountain.
After Norma refused to give Boris a blow job whilst fingering his ring, Boris proceeded to the toilet. After he had finished he called Norma in to view the picturesque scenery of his snowy peaks.
by slix33 March 8, 2011
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When you're having sex in the snow, and your pubes get very icy.
"Shit man i hate winter, snowy plover hurts!"
by Samuel Sanudo June 6, 2015
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Boys planned to go skiing on a work day. Gary plans to chuck a snowie (take a sick/personal leave day off) to join them
by Boys Ski Weekend March 14, 2014
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To administer cocaine rectally, using the head of a penis as the delivery vehicle. Especially when done to avoid the chronic rhinitis subsequent to insufflation.
My nose was so stuffy I thought I couldn't do coke. Fortunately, someone had a penis so I snowy veuxed it.
by OneSnowyNightInNYC August 25, 2008
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When the guy busts and leaves his load on the top of her pubic mound, giving her vagina a snowy roof.
Guy: "Im gonna cum...snowy roof time!"
Girl: "You got it everrrrywhere!"
Guy: "Aw babe I just wanted to cool off your least I didnt try to make a snowman with it this time"
by Sammy Nutt September 9, 2010
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