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The act of dousing a woman's breasts with a decent load of jizz, thus creating a swiss alps picturesque.
Brandon Lowry was sprayed with a load of jizz on his chest and awoke angrily to find Hank mid-wank. "I'm not a woman!" Brandon Lowry shouted angrily. "Oh, my bad your breasts say otherwise so i put snow on the mountains" replied Hank...
by zooflarski and weinerman February 01, 2010
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When one man accidentally has anal sex with another (usually a Thai ladyboy), where the former 'thinks' the latter is a biological female, resulting in ejaculated semen internally coating the tip of the penetrated man's stool.
Hey, man, did you hear how Adam put snow on the mountain the last time he was in Thailand?
by genderbender4 April 05, 2015
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