The act of temporarily ignoring one's alarm clock because of physical contact with a sleeping partner.
I meant to get out of bed at 8, but my girlfriend rolled over and put her arm around me in her sleep. So I wound up hitting the snoozle button until 8:10, and that's why I wasn't at the staff meeting where the boss told us we'd all be laid off.
by Tiercelet January 11, 2013
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Verb: The first few sneezes upon waking from sleep. Cannot apply to sneezes when one has sneezed oneself fully awake.
Adj: The way one's general appearance might look like after a nap.
Verb: "I snoozled so rapidly this morning, I almost hit my head on the nightstand."
Adj: "When he looked up from his dogbed, my dog's entire left side of his face was all snoozley. It made him a look quite surprised."
by Carrie Hauser August 14, 2006
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1) a combination of canoodling and snuggling
2) a form of PDA
Megan and her boyfriend kept snoozling the whole day, much to their friends' disgust.
by bow chicka wow wow September 02, 2007
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Verb or noun, an exclamation of a desire to snooze or bid a fond good night.
"I'm off to snoozle byes, chappies."
by Melmoo November 28, 2009
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A nose or a face appendage that can be hit or used for bodily functions.
Ex: Did you see that! He punched that ostrich in the Doozle Snoozle!
by Deadish_Elf March 12, 2018
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A mythical cave-dwelling ginger creature with a cunning knack for guise and stealthy romantic rendezvous.
The Snoozle Bunny from 3158 creatively evaded detection for many moons.
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