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An annoying, 30-something year old women, who has no teeth,no self-esteem,no friends,no life, no talents for playing soccer, bass, or even really being a productive member of society..who also happens to live with HER PARENTS..!!
Snoochy spends most of her time on the FOBR message boards posting meaningless threads about what she WANTS TO DO..or is GOING TO DO, using WAY TOO MANY SMILEYS.
She has a cat named Sadie whom I feel very sorry for, seeing as the cat seems to be her pride and joy..(I'd be kind of fucked in the head if that was me..
imagine that poor thing..all cooped up inside..with her)
(Please note that in the begining everyone feels sorry for Snoochy, but somewhere along the lines you eventually hate her..jee I wonder why?)

A "Snoochy" can also be a type of person that uses way too many smileys and posts meaningless threads about their boring life..

"Pulling a Snooch", is the act of an otherwize normal person acting like "a Snoochy"
Snoochy: "hi guys i was just whining about how i don't have any teeth anymore cause i never flossed or took care of them and i tried to play soccer today but i suck and i don't have cleets and i'm fat i think tomarrow i'll go to walmart and get cleets and then after i'll do some dribbling around my yard with my new soccer ball,and then i'll playbass.. do you think Sadie will be worried and sad if we leave for 5 minutes instead of hovering over her?. :0 ;) :D :) :( :'( :| 8-)"
by Tham(510) April 12, 2007
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what you say after you say something stupid, or just joking around. Its just fun to say. Try it out. Sometimes you can say it if you're about to have a drink instead of "cheers." Really, you can just say it all the time for fun.
I hate u. SNOOCHIES!" Even if someone else says something stupid, you're reply would be "SNOOCHIES!
by SNOOCHIE!!! September 23, 2010
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