A person who is a snobby noob who can't admit that they are crap at the game,
so they complain about how crap the game is.
Jamie: Ant you're crap at this
Ant: No I'm not! I shot him about 5 times
Jamie: Yeah, and missed everyone :/
Ant: Not my fault the game is crap!
Jamie: No, You're just crap at it, You Snoob!
by WhoElseButQuagmire November 13, 2011
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Basically combines Super + noob = snoob

So in the end, the person is officially a "super noob".
"Omg, look at that total snoob over there, he is the worst one out of them all!"

"This snoob is ruining the game for us..."
by Extra Terrestrial Loser January 19, 2010
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A noob that is stupid.

Stupid (S) + noob = Snoob

Term used for online games. Such as Battle Field 2.
That snoob just team killed the whole damn team!

The snoobs got us killed.
by Jared56 April 18, 2008
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A person who has the qualities of being rediculously stupid. One who is very annoying. Or someone who has a mysterious like quality.
The girl was being very snoobish when she didn't shut up about her weekend plans.
by SkeeSuz November 23, 2009
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