A phrase used to blame someone/thing else when something goes wrong.
"That was the worst throw of all time... Ever."
"Not my fault, someone put a wall in my way."
by Angryboy IV February 27, 2012
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when you accidentally do something wrong and then apologize for your mistake
Marius:Nigga you ate all my food

Fat Man: My fault(continues eating)

Marius:Nigga please
by Roughdogs233 July 22, 2008
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A way of replacing the need to apologize or to say sorry, often by using this term to ease the tension of the situation. To make one seem not as responsible of his or her mistakes. my bad can also be an alternative term of equal meaning.
1: I had sex with your girlfriend last night.
2: What the hell?? What kind of friend are you???
1: Aw man, my fault! (or "my bad!")
2: Man it's cool, since you said my fault.
by zculver August 4, 2008
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You are making it seem like you think it’s your fault, but really it’s their’s.
I’m sorry, it’s my fault I’m super confused.
by PlushGiraffe February 10, 2018
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A word people use when they don’t really mean sorry. Used mostly by rude people.
“Bro you just hit my car
Oh my fault man”
by DummyBoy September 18, 2019
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Something you say after you've been accused of doing something wrong, but you don't wanna get in trouble for it.
"Why everyone saying you calling me gay and stuff ,aye run ya pockets"
"My fault OG"
nahh no my fault OG imma get lil travis on you he throw them hard rocks
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