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Blowing snot into someone's anus and sucking it out
'Hey, fancy a snelch?'
'You sneltched me real good last night, maybe too good, I seem to have a micro tear'

'Snelching isn't just a sexual act, it's a way if life'
by Coolkid90 August 19, 2016
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Post-snutting, when the snutter takes the snuttee's orifice into which they have just snutted and sucks back out all the juicy goodness within (snot, etc.)

Similar to felching.
"We snutted and then he wanted to snelch! What a fucking weirdo."
"Snutting's alright, but I draw the line at snelching."
"Daniel wanted to snut me again so I said alright as long as you snelch, especially after all the stains in my pants from last week's snutting."
by February 25, 2009
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