n. One who sneeks and eats.
He is a real sneat because he ate the rest of the cookies in the middle of the night!
by dncr9999 October 18, 2011
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The combination of the words sweet and neat, only to be used in the most Caucasian of circumstances. Including but not limited to golf course conversations, stock option meetings, or fine dining brunches.
"Dear me Mr. Belvedere! Your new Rolex you bought to match your Ferrari is quite sneat!" Said Sir Alabaster Maggonavue as he stepped from his horse drawn carriage.
by Dr. SeaMonkey July 25, 2016
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super neat, short for. very cool or awesome. see rockalicious
That was a sneat vacation. Last night was sneat.
by Philip December 23, 2004
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To sneakily yeet; to yeet without anyone knowing. To not announce your departure.
Wow, she must have sneated, I didn't see her leave.
by binxycat2019 July 17, 2019
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When a person goes on a date with someone they aren't interested in just so they can get a free meal. Usually done by women, cause let's face it, women almost never pick up the bill. Comes from the words sneaky and eating.
I was wondering why all these dinner dates from Tinder women weren't leading to a relationship. It turns out that women use Tinder for sneating now.
by wakkadoodooo January 17, 2021
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when you get lazy and put it's or that's together with neat. also could be sweet/neat.
'wow it sneat'
'yeah i really thought it was'
'man thats pretty sneat'
by yetta November 4, 2007
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