Alabaster, AL.

The city in which magic happens. Where love grows and hatred fades away.

Also, there is a high population of Emo and Scene Kids.
You want good hardcore music? Go to Alabaster.
by Erwin Foreman April 16, 2009
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A code word for when something is not right or you may be in a form of danger, especially when under the influence of cannabis.
Buying drugs and being harassed by a fat, male, possibly retarded former prostitute wearing nothing but whitey tighties. "Yo Dude, Alabaster."

Smoking in friends basement 'le creek from upstairs' Alabaster dudes!
by The Time Child April 7, 2011
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A plain, milky white person who has trouble coming to terms with their genetic make-up of their paper white, almost transparent skin.
you are a massive alabaster .
you.....stop being an alabaster
You....seriously, its only skin, you might grow out of your alabaster ways one day.
by theblackone November 8, 2010
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When a group of white kids attempt to form a rap group and perform horrifically
"Yo did you get a glimpse of that alabaster disaster that played at the youth center this weekend"
by cMoneygRip January 30, 2009
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What one may call someone who is particularly white and stupid for instance the moon when asked for directions - originated from BBC 3 comedy The Mighty Boosh
Ok i took a chance, how was i supposed to know he was an Alabaster Retard
by Crispin Whattley August 13, 2005
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Any sexual act between yourself, a coworker, and 2 voice actors. Usually following a video production.
Jim: Wow Alan, i cant believe we got famous voice actors Trey and Noah to appear on our show. This might be our only opportunity to perform an alabaster jackrabbit.

Alan: Thats a great idea! Ive heard about that, and we have to do it!

Trey: Thats the reason i got into this business.

Noah: Ive always got time for an alabaster jackrabbit, but let me stretch first.
by inbeedee September 6, 2019
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A pale white person or object, with a mental handicap. first used to describe: "The Moon" from the famous radio/television series The Mighty Boosh. Therefor most apt when used as an adjective to describe satellites with gypsum like properties, but has rapidly found it's way into common usage in the English language.
Tony Harrison: " I took a chance, how was I to know he was an alabaster retard"
by KingoftheImpossible April 4, 2006
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