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When a chick has a hairy muff, and it's never been shaved, waxed, or altered in any way. Generally seen in 70's porn accompanied by a matching head fro.
"Baby you need to do something about your flange"
"Hell no, it's all snatchural, baby"
by kitten placenta February 17, 2006
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An unmanicured pubic area. A woman's bush in its natural state.
"Hey, congrats on bangin' Lola. I bet she was totally shaved down there".

"Nope, totally snatchural. I would've preferred a landing strip but it was actually kinda hot".
by Dikles November 16, 2011
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1. When a womans pubic hair matches her heads hair
2. when a womans pubic hair reminds you of a small lap animal sitting on her pubic area because no razor has seen the muff
3. to make an extra batch of hair coloring so your snatch will match
4. The memory of a nice smelling snatch
She is really snatchural! that smells snatchural
by doug west May 26, 2006
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When someone is exceptionally talented in pleasing a woman -a natural. With virtually no experience they are able to fully satisfy and please the female species usually making them cum through their God given abilities.
Omg I didn't know Ana was such a snatchural; she made her cum on her first try! Q0lp
by Ottet69 September 03, 2016
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1. Person or persons that can be considered being a pussy or bitch in certain situations. Possibly all situations

2. A person or entity that has good pussy skills (Penis sleeve characteristics) and uses them with great fervor and out of this world vaginal skill.
Person 1: Damn that Robert is such a snatchural. Always bitching out

Person 2: Very true! He probably has great snatchural skills and can handle 15 inch of tube steak!


Person 1: That bitch Bobbyrela has mad vag skillz!!!

Person 2: I cant believe she made that huge dildo dissipate in that gaping black hole!
by strip5150 February 18, 2011
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