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Three gay cereal box characters that are clinically depressed because they don't represent a better tasting cereal.
Jesus Christ Pop, couldn't you score us a better marketing gig. You def won't be getting any action from Crackle or I, since we are so depressed we are unable to sustain an election. Snap- Crackle-Pop cereal is a terrible tasting

Fuck this cereal tastes like suicide; so bland and ricey I bet Snap-Crackle-Pop died long ago from depression.

The only way to make this cereal represented by Snap, Crackle and Pop to have Marshmallow Man blow his sticky load into the box and let that shit dry into little square treats.
by Snuggle Piss October 27, 2016
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Mild exclamation generally used to express disappointment, surprise or excitement. Used in place of the oft-used term "snap" in order to establish one's difference from the norm (i.e, their individuality).
Person A: My car just died.
Person B: Oh, snap-crackle-pop, that sucks.
by Somnambulizt May 25, 2007
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When your girl finally agrees to let you in the butt after a grueling quest to convince her and you go so fast before she changes her mind that you jam it in without lube and bend your dick in half, causing a hospital visit and very uncomfortable conversation with the doctor.
Well doctor, you see, Trudie finally agreed to the butt and I went so fast that I forgot the lube and...snap crackle I am.
by Scotty Nice November 06, 2019
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