a place u go to, to escape reality. no one else can enter your cereal box, only you!
brian: i went into my cereal box last night it was great!
shaun: huh? what are you high?!
brian: no dude you should go into your cereal box sometime its great!
shaun: ...
brian: anything is possible when your-
shaun: dude?
brian: lalalalala in a cereal box!
shaun: ... poor ol brian. ok take him away boys.

(brian spent several years in the Cuckoo Puffs asylum, he was later found dead from suffocation inside a cereal box)
by jeny February 26, 2008
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John: Fuck that girl has no tits
Tim: Yeah she's a cereal box
by Master_Otto September 29, 2019
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When a girl thinks they have no curves or that they aren’t thick and are flat every where meaning they think they have no booty or boobs or both
Alex: Damn girl I’m a cereal box
Sara: Same like addy she got some curves she’s no where near being a cereal box
by Alexa_456987 December 3, 2018
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Somebody (generally a foreigner) who can't drive properly. Can be either a "cereal box" or a "cereal box driver".

The name comes from the fact that they probably got their licence out of a cereal box.
Argh! Flippin' cereal box!!! Learn how to drive!
by Pillobeam May 30, 2011
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Your girlfreind, your crush; your ability to get a girfreind
"Hey, do you have any cereal boxes"

"Nah man, i dont have any game"

by master of dunks October 28, 2014
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A set of sexual acts that have names of cereal.

Fruit Loops: Take a girl and cover her with apple and orange juice while she is on acid.

Coco Puffs:When you have a fat black chick and you cover her with Hershey chocolate syrup and milk.

Reese's Puffs: When you have a orgy consisting of Caucasian, Hispanic, and Filipino women.
I had so many women over we had some cereal boxes.
by Dick muncher 246 January 8, 2011
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A very shaky command of French, gained primarily from reading bilingual product labels in Canada. Comes from the common experience of reading cereal boxes during breakfast.
1. I would love to visit Quebec, but like most Albertans, I only know cereal box French.

2. Aaron: How did you know that "gratuit" meant "free"?

Barbara: Must be my cereal box French.

3. Edmonton hasn't won a championship in such a long time that someone vandalized their "City of Champions" sign to read "City of Champignons" ("City of Mushrooms") Even Edmontonians understand cereal box French.
by Janey Canuck July 12, 2012
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