dude i was with my girl last night. nothing happened so i was "Smurfin" as a mofo.
by ge_knee_us February 04, 2010
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When someone (male or female) decides to give blowies behind the dumpster for 50% off
Dude I was back behind Jimmy's Bar and saw Brad was smurfin everyone back there.
by jfs912 February 16, 2019
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To suffer from blue balls.
"Damn man, Jason ain't had sex in weeks."
"Aww dude he must be smurfin it bad."
"Yeah, he needs to start beatin his meat."
by skizzle mcnizzle November 13, 2006
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of or relating to smurf-like characteristics or features, especially in terms of physical appearance. In particular shortness of stature or bluish skin hue.
1.)She was a bit smurfine for my liking: not tall enough and displaying the pallor of an asphyxiated albino.
by Ruthensis Westphalus July 21, 2008
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whilst cought in the act of bein faloniess becouse you've been puffin on the pookie pipe to long, your officially Smurfin!
Mom: hey johnny did you remember to... HAH what are you doing?
Johnny: shit mom i told you never to walk in my room without knockin!!
Mom: what the hell are you smoking?
...oh my god johnny are you Smurfin?
by sam boW August 24, 2006
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while a chick is givin you blows you pull ur dick out of her mouth an slap/punch her in da face an then put your dick back in her mouth an make her carry on sucking
by J May 04, 2005
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A type of dance move, where you stand still your with arms crossed and just tap your foot to the beat.
My man was breakdancing and I was straight smurfin'.
by Snackmaster March 25, 2006
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