4 definitions by sam boW

whilst cought in the act of bein faloniess becouse you've been puffin on the pookie pipe to long, your officially Smurfin!
Mom: hey johnny did you remember to... HAH what are you doing?
Johnny: shit mom i told you never to walk in my room without knockin!!
Mom: what the hell are you smoking?
...oh my god johnny are you Smurfin?
by sam boW August 24, 2006
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to act unsure, shaky about something.
appear to be nervus about a situation, unsettling
or just plain weird!
why is that dude actin so faloniess.

"why you gotta be so faloniess?"
by sam boW August 13, 2006
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to b*tch, nag or moan about something.

to constantly complain about stuff.

to smell funky.
Damn girl why you gotta be so Foosie infont of all my peeps?
when its that time of the month for your girlfriend and she acts like a b*tch to you. she's just bein Foosie!
"man i aighnt trippin off that girl. shes hella foosie anyways!
by sam boW August 13, 2006
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a Shmib; a person lacking cordination.
to act retarted or faloniess
a person reeking of foosie pookie!
damn dude your cousin is a shmib fool!

quit acting like a shmib your embarassing me!

by sam boW August 24, 2006
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