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A kind, thoughtful, generous, smart, fair, funny, talented, loving, responsible, handsome kind of guy. A great artist with superb taste in music, touchable hair and a hot ass. Absolutely genuine and wonderful. An amazing kisser. Lovable. The kind of guy every girl wants for their own.
My boyfriend is better than your boyfriend cause he's a Jarett.
by waffleconeheart February 08, 2010
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A name meaning confidence, and usually followed by the last name of Kiefel. Not a traditional name, and can be spelled very many different ways, such as: Jaret, Jared, Jered, Jarrett, Jarret, etc.
I think that the name "Jarett" fits my son because he is very confident.
by Jebediah Hali August 21, 2006
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A Jarett is the type of faggot who is fun to be around. A Jarett often tends to touch other mens penis and apply melted butter of the palm of the hand when touching. He tends to be very small but a goddess in the bedroom. Jarett's also tend to have hatred to confiqqq Jaretts are badass and will beat yo ass when messed with,
John: Yo i wish i had a friend thats a Jarett

Conway: Yo!! Jaretts are badass fam!.
by Nick from hamilton May 09, 2018
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The type of boy to fuck a girl in a student parking lot just cause “they were both there”
“Yeah I had sex with this kid yesterday at the soccer game.”
Oh really who?”
*at the same time* “Jarett”
by _thetruthlmfao September 19, 2019
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