A s'morgasm is a s'more-like desert, made by placing the chocolate into the marshmallow before roasting it, placing it on the fire, and excluding the graham crackers. So named because it is like a s'more, and it is wonderful.
A good s'morgasm is hot and juicy, and drips when licked.
by Badger1011 July 02, 2009
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1.Small orgasm
2. An orgasm that you have while eating a Smore
*at a campfire in california*

guy 1: piuqdhfgniquvhnpiuevhoiuvhouvhv
guy 2: what the fuck
guy 1: sorry i just had a smorgasm
by Click on this for free vbucks November 15, 2018
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The feeling one experiences immediately after consuming a freshly made s'more dipped in milk.
1. Oh my gosh I just smorgasmed.
2. Mason: What is this incredible sensation I am experiencing right now?
Ryan: Don't fret, you're just having a smorgasm.
by Sam the Shrimper December 02, 2008
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A smorgasbord of ingredients that react together in the mouth in such a way as to cause the ingestors to involuntarily ejaculate at the table, which can be recognized by spontaneous moaning and shaking of the right leg during ingestion.
As we each took a bite of the steaming hot dough topped with technicolor mush, I noticed everyone starting to moan and then the table started to shake. And then, the smorgasbord of flavors hit me too, penetrating my body as I started moaning and shaking my right leg along with my friends. I found out later that we had achieved our first simultaneous smorgasm at the dinner table. It was like a coitus cuisine in my mouth.
by G-Factory January 11, 2015
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