What you call someone who thinks they are SWOL and works out, but they are actually abnormally skinny. You worry about them, but you call them SMOL, cuz fuck people that don’t lift, even tho that’s like your bro and everyone worries about him cuz he’s so SMOL
“OMG Chris and James so SMOL, especially when compared to Lucas’s SWOL ass”
by Luquitas March 20, 2020
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Alternative way to say "small". Comes from a background of hipsters and Anime. Meant to sound all cutesy, but just makes you sound like a fucking retard.
Aww, she's so smol! Uhh, dude, it's spelled "small". Use English motherfucker...
by PiperTheGreat December 15, 2018
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When something is so cute. This term has more power than kawaii.
Finn from Adventure Time is so smol.
Pikachu is so smol.
by PhoebetheSuperhuman February 05, 2017
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Some(one/thing) that is extremely small and downright adorable.
Brendon Urie is so smol!
via giphy
by isle-of-flightlessbirds December 08, 2017
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A brief acronym standing for "smile out loud." It was designed to bring about clarity to the reaction "lol," or "laughing out loud," which no one actually does while reading text or chat.

Although more accurately abbreviated as "sol," that would just sound and look stupid; and is often misinterpretted by non-English speakers as other words, such as the sun.

Intended to bring clarity of intention for lazy people who can not actually type their responses. It reflects a positive response, without insulting the receiver with a "lol". Can also be used as an adjective or verb, such as smolicious, or smoling.
E: "You are so hot and amazing."
B: "Smol"

E: "You make me smol"

E: "Your delightful cooking is smolicious!"

E: "I am smoling just thinking about you."
by thelizardking34 August 12, 2009
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