A cute, small half greek, half english young lady thats almost but not quite 5 foot 3 tall.
"Yo brah, check out that European chick."
"Woah.. she's so smol!"
by Cheddar Brie Jealousy March 07, 2020
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Something a bunch of misgendered Dan and Phil aesthetic obsessed teens say.
Although Miranda is SMOL she is also g cringe
via giphy
by Iconicchicken August 22, 2016
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1. Someone who is both physically shorter than average and emotionally soft. The word smol is usually a descriptor, directed at someone in a sentence.

2. Someone who is pretty damn cute all the time, usually has a name that starts with the letter E.

3. Really fkn adorable in general
You are literally the most smol person I have ever met.

You are so cute and smol.
by 8Minimum8 November 12, 2016
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