the act of smoking a bud of marijuana in either a bong or a pipe.
1) hey, i wanna get high. lets smoke a bowl!
2) load the bong, man, ive been wanting to smoke a bowl of pot all day.
by RLpoloplaya67 September 5, 2005
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To smoke a marajawna pipe
dude, i smoked a fat bowl lastnight and got so friggin high
by Pony Boy September 10, 2003
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Smoking a bowl are three great words to always hear.Smoking marijuana with friends or by yourself, with someone you like or even a family member.Smoking a bowl could always be used in a in the moment fraze, such as " hey can't right now man, I'm smoking a bowl" - meaning you cannot be where they want you to be because of the fact that you are busy, smoking a bowl.
" Hey Charlie, wanna go smoke a bowl?!? "


"Hey sorry man I can't right now, I'm smoking a bowl."
by Maryjane. May 23, 2008
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When is smoke a bowl day you say? It’s when ever you wanna get high
Wanna smoke a bowl on smoke a bowl day ? Yeah let’s got right now
by Bsbigslong March 28, 2018
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to suck dick.
monkey bowl: a dick
"u wanna go smoke monkey bowl after school" asked Cisco
by ryan* January 30, 2008
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More so, a way of life, than a phrase. Many potheads/bros wouldnt be seen saying this, but others that arent bros or potheads would be. its a phrase or action to refer(or make fun of) to pot smoking bros that just wanna fight people and smoke ;D
Skate kid- "Hey man. lets go skate. maybe we can smoke a bowl and go bodies"

Other Skate Kid- "hahaha yea man. DGAF for life"
by Yucaipa skate rat April 20, 2011
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