1) Stands for Don't Give A Fuck. It's an acronym that let's you show how much you Don't Give A Fuck about anything.

2) Can also be adopted as a lifestyle. You live life, not giving a fuck about anybody or anything, you simply do you. It doesn't mean you are heartless or ignorant, it just means you don't tolerate dumb shit and have no fucks to give.
1) Chad: Hey did you here about Tyler getting married?
Dave: DGAF.
Chad: Huh?
Dave: Chad, I Don't Give A Fuck.
Chad: You're an asshole, Dave.

2) Dave lived his life by a simple code: DGAF. He lives life worrying about himself and not giving a fuck about any dumbshit he experiences. A common response used in his daily life is "I Don't Give A Fuck."
by DEF3 September 5, 2020
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Don't Give A Fuck

DGAF is a lifestyle. DGAF doesn't mean that you don't care about anything but getting fucked up... it simply means that you don't give a fuck what people think of you. You do what you want because of you.

Just because you DGAF doesn't mean you are an ignorant person who only cares about doing stupid things. To DGAF means you do what YOU want to do, regardless of other people's asshole opinions.

Originated by South Bay OGs Chucky Styles and Gillies
I'm on some DGAF shit
-D Loc

by Kali Kween September 19, 2006
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DGAF originated in the South Bay by Chucky Chuck and Gillies... It means "Dont Give A Fuck" and a whole lot of people are trying to claim they started it....its all bullshit
For Example, when a LAME talks shit about you, normal people would get their feelings hurt...but a person with a DGAF personality would brush it off and get the fuck over it....
by Lily Feil November 15, 2004
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that girl candice DGAF what people say about her
by ecaz March 23, 2008
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Me: Man isn't that your girl kissing that guy over there?

Friend: No, I DGAF, we broke up last week.
by Bigtkill April 22, 2008
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