Smoke off (n.):
A smoke off is a true test of manhood, an activity to seperate men from boys. Consider it the "March Madness" of getting high. A smoke off is called simply by saying "Smo smo smoke off", or if everyone is already baked out of their minds you may use "Mo mo moke off" (see moke off). Those who reply by again saying "Smo smo smoke off" will surely be put to the cannabis challenge as bowl after bowl after bowl is packed and smoked. The last man standing has truly earned the right to be called a gentleman, a scholar, and a stoner.
Stoner 1: "Smo smo smoke off pussies, I'm not even high"
Stoners 2-7: "Smo smo smoke off"

An hour or so later

Dead silence as surely everyone has given into the true power of pot and has passed out where they sat during the smoke off.
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Blow Job To have ones cock sucked as if it were a cigarette.
Damn that bitch just mother fuckin' smoked me off! That was alright!
by ol, pappy January 25, 2005
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An insult similar to suck me off but with decorative variation and added humour that makes it sound better.
P1: mate you couldn't score in a brothel
P2: shutup you gay
P1: smoke me off
by felixg123 January 11, 2011
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The term used for smoking so much dank your face is numb / feels completely gone
God damn steve i think you fucking smoke your face off; i feel very facesmokedoffish at the moment; Smoke your face off
by harleywood December 31, 2009
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Everyone goes through bullshit daily, best thing to do is roll up a fat J/Grab a fat Slob and smoke it off.
a way to forget the bullshit.
Steve: hey bro im having a bad day today, i dont have smoke
John: dont trip i have some dabss, lets smoke it off
by FioKioSio June 27, 2023
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Smoking a joint to get really high (420 blaze it) and then immediately jacking off to completion.
Guy 1: Hey bro, you smoking off late?
Guy 2: Yeah bro, after I do my homework though.
by Lvl99ditto September 3, 2017
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