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Smoke off (n.):
A smoke off is a true test of manhood, an activity to seperate men from boys. Consider it the "March Madness" of getting high. A smoke off is called simply by saying "Smo smo smoke off", or if everyone is already baked out of their minds you may use "Mo mo moke off" (see moke off). Those who reply by again saying "Smo smo smoke off" will surely be put to the cannabis challenge as bowl after bowl after bowl is packed and smoked. The last man standing has truly earned the right to be called a gentleman, a scholar, and a stoner.
Stoner 1: "Smo smo smoke off pussies, I'm not even high"
Stoners 2-7: "Smo smo smoke off"

An hour or so later

Dead silence as surely everyone has given into the true power of pot and has passed out where they sat during the smoke off.
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Phrase: Used when one is too high to fully reply to a 'smoke off' challenge (see smoke off (n)). As their head remains on their shoulder, as they are too high to move, they will mumble 'moke off' so they are not called douche bags for turning down a smoke off.
Consider a typical stoner group of 7-8 people:

Stoner 1: "Pussies, I'm not even high! Smo smo smoke off!"
Said in tandem:
Stoner 2: "Smo smo smoke off"
Stoner 3: "Smo smo smoke off"
Stoner 4: "Smo smo smoke off"
Stoner 5: "Smo smo smoke off"
Stoner 6: "Smo smo smoke off"
Said after stoners 1-6 finish
Stoner 7: "Moke off"
Stoner 1: "Stoner 7 is definitely too high for a smoke off"
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