A term used to get out of an awkward situation:
Aiden: You can't fucking do a front flip
Dylan: Smo..
by theminx38 March 06, 2017
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The acronym is used to ask someone the question "Smoke Me Out".

Which means if one is able to let someone smoke marijuana for free.
in text form:

(562) yoo SMO?
(310) i got some extra trees so im down!
by areWHYayeEN July 28, 2010
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1. To partake in the act of having a marijuana cigarette, or spliff.
2. Used by Dog the bounty hunter as means of description when detailing what they intend to do to the person their head hunting.
Son 1: hey brahwhat you gunna do to that poom plex guy when you catch him?
Dog: il pray to the lord to give mercy on his soul, and then s'mo him goood....
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