Cryptic messages from an emotionally detached person that may be too afraid to talk to you or they simply enjoy controlling and manipulating your emotions from afar for fun.
Dear John, If your smoke signals were for me, I hope this message in a bottle finds you closure.
by foolishhh1 January 10, 2013
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(Commonly mistaken as a Dutch Oven however does not involve completely covering the victim)

The act of farting under a blanket while next to another person and then wafting the blanket. This causes the expelled gas to be pushed up and out of the opening blowing it in to the face of the other person. Extremely potent if multiple are saved up under the blanket.
I gave my wife smoke signals and she passed out cause I saved so many before doing it.
by Saddian July 22, 2012
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The act of blowing marijuana smoke in the direction of a distracted friend to let them know it's their turn to hit the blunt.
Johnny, who was already in a daze from excessive smoking, got a whiff of the smoke signal, and then knew it was his turn to hit the blunt.
by Rich.Man August 8, 2010
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To smoke signal is to stand outside a fellow tokers window from a distance and with a skilled puff, shooting a sliver of smoke, taking in account wind, through an open window. A trained toker will instantly recognize the smell of the sweet cheeba and know they are being summoned.
I stood outside Dilbert's house and smoke signal'd. Within 30 seconds Dilbert was beside me hittin some cannabis.
by sebastiancee January 8, 2008
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A Turkish Smoke Signal is when a vape pen is inserted into the anal cavity of a person with only the mouthpiece exposed. A second person then proceeds to use the vape, giving the impression they are sucking smoke from the anus of person one.
Person 1: How was your date the other night?
Person 2: It was a bit strange, he insisted that we did the Turkish smoke signal.
by wankygroen September 3, 2020
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When you are eating a girl out and sneak a drag of your cigarette in. You then blow the smoke up her pussy. You immediately start to fuck her, and use your shirt to blow smoke signals every time you let your dick out for some air.
Man I have to warn the others not to let Bobby in the back cause I'm fucking his girlfriend. Think man think..... Ah yes! The angry smoke signal never fails.
by R3825 October 26, 2007
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When you fart in bed and then quickly fluff the blankets - like an American Indian sending a smoke signal - so that the smell rises and passes the nostrils of your significant other sleeping beside you.
Whew...that was one stinky Chippewa Smoke Signal you sent my way last night.
by DHA0714 November 29, 2014
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