A term generally used to acknowledge a ripping of someone else. Similar to the more commonly known "lookin' ass", but a slight variation and abbreviation.
Sometimes used to disappointment.
Man 1: "Haha dang Man 2, looks like someone took a hammer to your face!"
Man 3: "Smellin!"
Man 1: "Yeah man, not to mention you're dumber than shit!"
Man 3: "Smellin!"
Man 2 (Hurt and shamed): "Damn....smellin...."
by Clapp232 January 15, 2011
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Slang for being conceited, full of yourself, or to not be as good as you think you mite be.
Common usage:

"Man, that group in the studio last nite was smellin-themselves, they thought they shit was hot or somethin'."

"Them A**-Holes was smellin' themselves hard, couldn't get over it, like they smell was captivating' or some shit."

"Watch it now, don't be smellin' yourself now while you out there, your smelf mite be irreconcilable, take over ya."

**Any application of the phrase close to this usage is appropriate.**
by Javier Consuelo February 9, 2013
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melon be smellin is a series in tiktok by the user@melon.n.finn . the series started out with melon but then went on with its co-show: finn gets a sniff in. how the series started when melon smelt baby bel cheese, and if she didn’t like the smell, which he didn’t, he would make a very vulgar face that would probably make you laugh. since then he’s gain recognition on tiktok as being a very funny dude with his cats melon.n.finn . 10/10 series for anyone watching, 12/10 for cat lovers like me.
twitch chat: watch melon be smellin
joe bartolozzi: dude what
*10 minutes of watching melon.n.finn later
joe bartolozzi: this is so great dude i love it so much.
by Joey Jackson Johnson August 3, 2022
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Just what it says. Defined by the act of sticking your nose in the asscrack to see how ripe the hole is. Same thing dogs do, just person on person.
I pull down her pants and did some smellin ass.
by sweetgy June 18, 2009
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those bizzar people on this earth that think that smelling
a nasty shoe is a real turn on.
I caught your idiot roommate gellin smellin my bowling shoes
again last night! he needs a 12 step rehab plan.
by RSD#5 February 20, 2007
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A notion of something bad about to happen; an omen. n
'I think theres goin ta be a storm'
'Nah nigga you just smellin dog shit'
by crossoverpoint February 12, 2009
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a stink so aweful that it would make a manure pile smell like heaven. this smell is usually on tanner

corydapimp- O MY GOD IT MUST BE tanner THE shit-smellin-fucktard
by onebigcracka May 7, 2005
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