Sending randomized signals to the router to act as a jamming method in order to protect against Air-Gap attacks from cell phones that attempt to use the memory bus as a radio antenna.
As long as we're smegging the network, the Israeli spies will never complete their Air-Gap offensive, even if malware exists on our machine!
by Clickity Hack August 11, 2015
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Comes from the word "smegma", meaning the cheesy crud on the end of your dick, if you're a guy and dont wash your dick properly.

"Smeg" is mainly used as a kind of swear-word on the TV show Red Dwarf. When used in this context, its use is similar to that of "fuck".
Smeghead = fuckhead
Oh smeg! = Oh fuck!
What the smeg is going on? = What the fuck is going on?
Whats that smegging thing? = Whats that fucking thing?
I dont give a smeg = I dont give a fuck
by O.G. WILLAKER February 11, 2005
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From the tv show Red Dwarf, it is a commonly used insult, derived from Smegma.

1) Smeg: Exclamation of surprise not unlike fuck.

2) Smegger: Obnoxious person

3) Smeg head: As 2
1) Oh Smeg! What the smeggin' smeg's he smeggin' done?!

2) I'll nut the smegger into oblivion

3) I'm not an insubordinate man by nature. I try and respect Rimmer and all, but it's so hard because he's such a smeg head.
by Snake July 9, 2004
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1. a term used to describe something that is fucked or coverd in dick cheese, also can be used as a verb, to smeg. This is the process of fucking something up, or covering it in dick cheese.
2. The white paste which is normally found inhabiting inside a MiGoreng packet
(1)Person 1: why did you go offline
Person 2: soz my facebook chat is smegged

(2)Person 1:My eye is smegged, i can hardly see
by i<3smegma November 7, 2010
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An all purpose swear word originally used by punks before made popularized by the british television show Red Dwarf dispite popular belief smegs origins did not have to do with smegma which is a crusty substance that develops underneath foreskin.
Rimmer is such a smeg-head

smeg off

this really smegging sucks
by Jimmy Kline April 5, 2006
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To tell someone to dispose of an item or throw an item in your direction.

To run away from a situation where you will get in trouble if caught by someone of higher authority

To run away in a hurry

To give up on a decision
Tom: This Drink is soo sweet!
Dick: ooo Smeg it over here!

Tom: Shit the police is round the corner doing drink searches
Dick: Shit! Smeg it!
by God of atheism June 18, 2007
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