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Sending randomized signals to the router to act as a jamming method in order to protect against Air-Gap attacks from cell phones that attempt to use the memory bus as a radio antenna.
As long as we're smegging the network, the Israeli spies will never complete their Air-Gap offensive, even if malware exists on our machine!
by Clickity Hack September 15, 2015
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The action of rubbing your smegma on a woman during oral intercourse.
"That chick is a slut......I think I'm gonna do some smegging on her."
by Jayslay14 December 03, 2008
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the act of rolling ones foreskin over anothers, the reciever may have his foreskin rolled back and out of the way or not at all (circumcised). This is also how the spread of smeg scorpions occours. two penis' are required dum shit
daphid: mandrew the shemale, come roll your foreskin over mine
mandrew the shemale: ok, LETS GET A-SMEGGING!
the end
by analex May 12, 2009
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