when you’re too lazy to describe a specific object, place or time and simply insert a blatant cover instead
Do you remember that fucking time where that fucking thing went missing on that fucking street?
by aleeshe May 21, 2020
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A term used for something that is being completely and totally useless.

i.e. a car, a slow internet connection, a crappy computer
Sorry, I had to restart. My computer was being a fucking thing.
by Dorian Black July 21, 2005
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a hot young girl used only for sex.
Too stupid for a relationship, much less a conversation.
Fundamentally disposable, used in desperate times.
A last ditch go to, when more desirable shit is unavailable.
ring, ring,..
Tonya; Hello?
Tom; Hey fuck thing, whatcha doing?
Tonya; Uh, I don't know...nothing.
Tom: Why don't you swing by for a couple of laps around
the bases and a gack dessert?
Tonya; Uh,..ok. I guess so.
Tom; You can shower here and I'll give ya gas money.
Tonya; I'll leave in a little bit
by Boleskinehouse August 24, 2009
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when someone posts an article about (x) doing (x)that is not welcomed by the majority of forum users. The phrase can be spiced by adding: "FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
Taken from Bill O'Reilly's Inside Edition meltdown.
Ex. 1:
A digg user has just posted an article about Rush Limbaugh doing (x).

Digg user's reply: "FUCKING THING SUCKS"

Ex. 2:
A digg user has just posted an article about Hillary Clinton doing (x).
Reply to reply: "FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
by Allynd Dudnikov May 19, 2008
A general statement of anger or disapproval, whenever you encounter something you don't like or approve of.

Originated by Bill O'Reilly in a 1991 video of him blowing up over the closing of a show on Inside Edition.
"I can't even install Windows 7 on this computer! FUCKING THING SUCKS!"
by garfieldelric December 4, 2011
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before it is too late, you go out in the world. you experience new things that nobody else would experience. you make mistakes that nobody else would make.
you are living in fear. stop worrying about everything and do the fuck things up.
by moondream111 September 11, 2020
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