Can be defined in several ways, each meant to be more derogatory than either "slut" or "cunt." Use your imagination !!
Man, I smell a slunt !
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
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A combination of slut and cunt. Two words that really piss off women, and yet they revel in being both at times when it suits their needs and purpose.
After sleeping with my friends, and dumping me when my mom died, Angie turned out to be a real slunt.
by Steven M. SykeS July 25, 2006
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An even mixture of being a slut and a cunt
My ex-girlfriend not only fucks every guy she sees, but she acts like a bitch about it, too! What a fucking slunt!
by -=sKurVy=- August 25, 2003
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1. An epithet reserved for a real around-getting cunt-diggity-wad when neither cunt nor slut will suffice. 2. A more obscure yet increasing usage has found "slunt" to refer to a particularly sloppy vag, though it is not unreasonable to combine this usage with the more common application, semenfully. 3. To engage in the act of being a slunt.
Wow, she goes to St. Olaf, what a slunt.

I think that slunt has rabies, it's frothing at the mouth!

I can't wait to go slunting this weekend!
by bizyah February 07, 2005
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1. This word could be assumed that it is a combination of slut and cunt. It is merely just for vernacular. It is assumed that people will think that because of the offensive sounding nature of the word. It is a derogatory word for women that has as simple a meaning as the word FUCK. It can mean anything you want, but has no official recognition as a word.
She is a slunt

That slunt doesn't know shit

Noone would fuck that slunt
by ROBERT PB September 25, 2007
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