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1.Half slut, half cunt. 2.A swear refering to a person who is a cunt but is also slutty.
by Nikki December 15, 2003
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A mix between the words cunt and slut. Oftenly used when referring to an ex-girlfriend. It's usually used when a girlfriend cheats on their boyfriend and all his friends call her a slunt. There is no positive way to use this word.
Person 1: "Dude, she totally cheated on me...we're done!"

Person 2: "Wow man, she's such a slunt!"
by prillmarie April 01, 2009
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Slut + Cunt = Slunt.

Used to describe a person who is not only of questionable crotch cleanliness, but also very rude.
That girl is a total slunt. Did you see how she was acting?
by yunguns15 August 14, 2010
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a person who is a slut and a cunt at the same time (usually used when you don't feel rude enough to call someone a straight cunt, it just sounds nicer!)
That girl is acting like such a dirty slunt.
by fish24 May 18, 2009
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Used to describe a woman whose behavior is so heinous, the mere use of slut or cunt is inadequate. Covers a variety of horrid behavior, notably that presented by characters in shows like "Desperate Housewives".
Usage varies. Typically, when one learns of a woman who has killed her husband or children, or plans to, one reacts simply by saying "slunt!" If sex is involved, the appelation is upgraded to "that fucking slunt!"
by Dan Ryan January 10, 2005
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A person who is both a slut and a cunt.
The overachieving slunt in my class decided to fuck the professor and the dean.
by Robert Haudoin December 11, 2003
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1 n. A derogatory term describing the lowest of females who is both a “slut” and a “cunt.” It can also be used in a playful manner between two friends, typically both male.

2 v. The act of having sex in a rough and awkward fashion.
1. a. I hate Laquesha so much she is a massive slunt.
b. I love you Jeff but you are a HUGE slunt for hooking up with that chick.

2. I was slunting this chick from the back who had her legs tucked behind her head when her mom walked in.
by Manbearpig001 December 25, 2008
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