Another way to say stop being so 'rude'. Used normally by 12 year old chavs.
Chav: Why are your jeans so tight?
Normal Person: They're called skinny jeans...
Chav: Slow down bruv.
by lzyastra May 23, 2009
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music that the tempo is slowed down orginated in miami but has recently been credit to houston, texas and called screwed.
loc cool jock, big ace, uncle al, giglo tony are some of orignal slowed down not dem cats from houston. they been screwing music way before dj screw.
by bert2 June 19, 2005
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Let’s slow down!!! — an enthusiastic ejaculation used when there is so much shade one could cast that you want to foreground each individual insult so that it can be can be both heard and appreciated.
Well, well, well MISS THANG what do we have here? Let’s slow down!!!…and let the critique begin!!!!
by Mind Hunter the Profiler February 27, 2023
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it’s not a mental breakdown.
it’s slow and it makes you feel empty inside except your mind.

there‘s a tornado in your head but you can’t comprehend it.
i‘m having a mental slow down
by what am i supposed to say August 9, 2022
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this means stop stressing out, overthinking, or complaining. put your troubles in perspective and try to enjoy the short time you have on earth.
A - "oh my god we're going to have to walk all the way back to the bar cause i left my car keys there"
B - "slow down and smell the roses"
A - "wow this is nice scenery. it's a nice night, i like walking, and we're not really in a rush."
by fckdapopo October 5, 2009
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it used in sex if a guy is fucking you to your servix u will ask him to slow down
Girl:FUCK please slow down
HIM: shut the fuck up and take it.
by ilovekillak May 23, 2022
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1. someone who says something they should not be saying

2. someone over exaggerating on something small
Angelos: wow! brandon your girlfriend is fucking hot

Andrew: slow down their speed racer
by racerspeed August 11, 2010
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