A hip-hop dj from houston texas active threw the 90s known for his imfumas techneque of slowing the tracks of local rappers to 33 1/3 to recreat the effects of drinking codine-promethazine cough syrp known as lean or sysurp the pruferd drug of the houston hip-hop scene screw was known as the king of htown giving the city the name screwston after his death on november 16 2000 of what most people think a codine overdose but really it was a mix of his love for music keeping him from rest for years and a result of his overall drug use alot of people think he was a drug addict with no morels but he was really an artest and a good person he will always be in the hearts of his friends and fans.
albums by dj screw: all screwed up, june 27th freestyles, 11-16-00, 3 in tha mornin pt. 2
by ducie December 15, 2008
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dj from houston, texas....originated SCREW music, which affected so many lives in the south, started the SUC(Screwed Up Click), and is most noteably known for creating thousands of Screw tapes........
One of the most popular screw tapes is June 27th, with the infamous Long Drive 40 minute freestyle.....
by THOEDmojado November 20, 2004
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dj screw was born in Bastrop Texas moved to Houston originated this screwed and chopped up music
dj screw died of a overdose of codeine, mixed with drugs Z-ro and other members of the S.U.C belive that someone slipped ice (meth) into his codeine to sabatoge screw
R.I.P Dj Screw,Fat Pat,Big Hawk,Mafio,and Big Mello
by tops drop June 08, 2006
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DJ from Houston, TX that started the whole "Screw" art form of music. You slow the pitch down half way or more. So that the song is slow or "Screwed." Very popular art form in Southern U.S. DJ Screw has died due to a codine overdose. R.I.P. Robert Davis Jr. - 1971-2000
Damn! That nigga DJ Screw teared that muthafuckin song up!
by 7-1-3 January 31, 2004
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A phrase that is often used by jay from the kubz scouts which I think deserves a definition
hit it again One time for the homie DJ screw
by arik_builtlikeaman July 29, 2021
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