that guy who goes to wendys and asks for a 20 ounce steak, they guy who sits on two chairs at once, the guy who farts in the elevator and blames it on the old lady, guy takes a sub to a wedding
ah crap its uncle al everyone out
by Uncle Al's Trailer Park April 16, 2020
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One who has quit most mind and mood altering substances after years as an absolute drug fiend! With the notable exception of weed, beer, and shrooms. Named after the sobriety combo of legendary frontman of Ministry himself Al Jourgensen.
Person 1: I thought Island was sober, but he's totally tripping balls on shrooms?

Person 2: He is, he's Uncle Al Sober. Quit all the hard stuff besides weed, beer, and shrooms just like Al Jorgensen.

Person 1: Ahhhh, well as long as he ain't shooting dope into his pee hole again.
by Leosgay4robots November 5, 2022
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